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Hello well today we’re gonna talk about probably one of the biggest barriers. If someone wants to loss weight at night time healthy snacks i can tell you know i’ve been doing this for 20 years. No and everyone feels not everyone almost everyone feels guilty about eating snacks at night time. Well doesn’t have to be that way.

You can actually have snacks after even dinner. If you want but here’s the thing let me tell you. The two reasons that i have learned working what 15 20 years now and weight loss.

One of them is that you have created a pleasurable habit. So your brain wants it you created a time where you’re watching netflix. Or you’re sitting or working on your computer looking for your next vacation hopefully soon. And what you’re you know wanting that something sweet or savory and crunchy and salty so.

 Then the second reason is pretty much physiological some people eat dinner at 5 6 p.m. When it’s 9 p.m now well guess what you are gonna be hungry again. And that’s normal because we have hunger hormones especially ghrelin. That kicks in and tells you that you should eat again.

So growling actually kicks in every three to four hours. So if you’re eating dinner at six for sure you’re gonna be a bit hungry by 9 pm. Now and hunger this type of hunger will show up probably will manifest as a pleasurable habit as well.

All right so what should we do should we fight it at all cost no aside from helping people lose weight. I also help them improve their relationship with food. Because something that i really hate and i’m telling you is feeling guilty about eating. Something you love so what is the solution.

The solution is to include these snacks at night time. During your do within your meal plan and that’s the key easy make sure these healthy snacks for weight loss at night are portioned. They fit in the calories that you’re following your dietitian should be able to help you with that. That’s what i do with my clients.

Nutrition snacks

So they never feel like they’re dieting. Now here i have seven yummy delicious nutritious snacks for all different. You know flavors that you will like so are you ready to start let’s get cooking my friends.

Savory Snacks

So let’s start with savory snacks what are the ones that. I recommend for those that want to eat something savory at 9 00 pm 10 pm depending. When you go to bed right.


So i have a quesadilla yeah. I love a quesadilla 9 pm sometimes. However i tried to make these snacks by the way 250 calories or less so the quesadillas that made. And use a low carb and i’m gonna tell you here right now.

This is the tortilla factory low carb flour tortilla each of these tortillas are 70 calories easy. Then i use jolzberg like cheese jars like cheese. It has less fat and i love it because it melts beautifully.

So let me tell you i’m a love cheese lover. So definitely josberg light will do the trick. You can also use mozzarella parskin mozzarella which works beautifully as well.

Garbanzo Beans

So that’s one snack that i recommend for night time. Now here’s the next one garbanzo beans well they’re high in fiber they have protein they’re tasty. But i found a way to you know step them up to the level of taste and here is the recipe that i have.

Are you ready. So what like to do with my garbanzo beans is like to spice them up with different flavors.

Cumin curry and the one i’m going to tell you in a second. And a chili lime cayenne pepper crispy garbanzo beans or chickpeas.

All right so what do you do for how to create this beautiful snack at home. Easy you get a can of garbanzo beans or chickpeas and the spices that you use.

Trust me you can get creative but this is what i use for my garbanzos. You have here curry and normally it’s about a quarter of a teaspoon of each this is cumin.

Now we have sea salt turmeric and ginger. Then we’re gonna add about two teaspoons of olive oil already know. The amounts by knowing there and we’re gonna mix this.

Well all over make sure your cheek piece are dry. Make sure they’re not wet so you drain and dry them. Then what you do is you can either bake. These roast them in the oven at 400 degrees for about 25 minutes to 30 minutes depending.

How crispy you like them however princess house sent me this beautiful air fryer. And i’m telling you i am in love with air fryer.

It makes the perfect meats and now actually including the garbanzo beans and the airflyer. You cook them for about 400 degrees again 20 minutes. And they come out just like that amazing stuff and the serving size for this is a half a cup.

So that will give you a 250 calories per serving so that’s another really beautiful savory lemony taste crispy the flavors are great.

Control the oils so there’s not so much oil and you can use whatever flavors you like this one is lime chili with cayenne pepper.

If you feel a little calendar at night that’s what you want wow definitely this is our favorite all right let’s put those back and put this over here now great.

now for those who want salty crunchy stuff have a chips actually we talked about this last time good things.

Rice Cracker

These good things are made of corn and they’re gluten free they’re like rice crackers no they also have rice crackers but this one since i like corn flavor choose the corn flavor 38 of these crackers is a serving now.

That’s a deal right there for nighttime snack. You want something also you don’t want just three little chips right so 38 and actually you can accompany these with maybe some cream cheese.

Or also like to just cut a little avocado and with a quarter of an avocado and make don’t make like crazy fatty guacamole just.

You know mash the avocado and put it on these crackers excellent snack all right favorite popcorn a machine the air pops the the corn.

And all i do is just season with a little bit of olive oil and sea salt that’s it two to five cups popped is the serving size for your nighttime snack awesome all right.

I haven’t forgotten about you sweets sweetie people those the light sweets. I also love sweets actually i can’t finish my day with chocolate i like to eat dark chocolate but before. We go there and a great snack that i recommend to and this way you also include a plant.

Strawberries is just cut up a few strawberries i do about eight of them and easy just put a little bit of whipping cream on top and right there you have a sweet nutritious snack beautiful and that gives you a serving of fruit as well.

Now here’s my favorite and i have been recommending this for so many years this one here is dark chocolate i normally recommend 75 or darker.

Why well the darker the more cacao the more the benefits with antioxidants heart health anti inflammatory less sugar of course and to be honest with you after i eat two to three tablets of dark chocolate.

The height 75 or higher i am done i really don’t want to keep eating it so in a sense that dark chocolate helps you to stop eating as well now i like to pair that with dry fruits i like dry figs another way to get a plant in your life.

Now this one here is full of antioxidants as well and less than 250 calories all right so lastly i have a new creation here i created a mousse i love like pudding stuff like chocolate pudding.

Chocolate Yogurt Pudding

So what are we gonna tell you next is my high protein chocolate yogurt pudding now this is easy you are gonna bring the ingredients here we got that there and i’m gonna tell you.

What is this so for this pretty much this is two percent plain greek yogurt all right this is about one third cup the recipe card will be showing that any time probably and then we’re gonna add actually protein powder this is about 20 grams of protein not in weight.

A protein powder that provides 20 grams of protein and normally protein powders are already kind of sweet so gonna add that there and then we’re gonna go with cacao powder now here put a tablespoon.

If you want more of a rich chocolate deep taste then you can add two tablespoons of cacao powder. Now gonna add a tablespoon of cacao powder for this one you are gonna actually put that in here now and lastly a fluid to help you know dilute and mix things well.

This is two percent lactose free milk since lactose intolerant. Then we’re gonna whisk this very well and you’re gonna see this in a second.

And this is probably one of my favorite night time healthy snacks for weight loss at night because no sugar added at all greek yogurt high in protein more protein from the protein powder.

I am telling you it tastes delicious now that’s it now. That i have it all whisk and i put that here we’re gonna serve it in this little glass.

Because i like to eat things that look good and we go beautiful all right so and that my friends is a chocolate pudding that is high in protein with probiotics.

You’re using greek yogurt and let’s put that in here now now if you want you can throw in strawberries you can throw raspberries maybe a little cacao nibs but remember you want to keep the calories at 250.

Let me taste this pudding it’s so good delicious all right. So as you can see you can have a night time snack.

You just need to include it in your meal plan be part of your calories be smart about. What you choose portion yes portion your healthy snacks for weight loss at night never eat from the bag and you can win these and have a better relationship with food well i hope you have enjoyed today’s caliente.

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